Kaspersky Free Vs W.D

Hello, How's things?, Why are claims In 2020 being made that W.D has been "improved" to either have beaten all other free antiviruses or equaled them all? ,when it's simply not the case in my experiments, after coming across Kaspersky free and the end result was remarkable ending with an excellent result every time, every other free antiviruses also did well after using each one by one and Kaspersky free is the winner in every subject and deserves an A+ in all categories. W.D sadly hasn't delivered as promised it would in 2020 and each time it wasn't doing the job. To make it easier for you to understand, In December 2020 as before one can still download and run all infected files with just W.D installed ,while such scenario doesn't exist when Kaspersky free is used, as I noticed Kaspersky free didn't allow me to download and or install an infected file no matter which way I tried, as shown by an alert popup on the screen, All other free antiviruses had the same result. Since using Kaspersky free my computer had survived each time from getting ruined by a trojan and each time avoided in having to reinstall W10 which usually sets me back at least 8 hours/more before all is back to normal. My W.D still allowed me to download and run trojans no matter whether I used W.D as it is?, and or configured from the W.D's questions in the group policy either partially enabling some settings or all .Kaspersky free once a few settings are configured which is very easy to understand, but not W.D's group policy questions and then I can relax knowing I have a computer properly protected by Kaspersky free. Like to add?,bye

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