I M P O R T A N T !

Carefully read and follow the instructions below.
1. Run a PC scan using one of the following products:

2. Download the latest version of the automatic log collector for analyzing the OS, and unpack the archive in any convenient folder. Be sure to temporarily disable security software (antivirus, firewall) to avoid conflicts when using the automatic log collector tools; otherwise, OS performance can be seriously impaired, including freezing and/or fatal errors (leading to BSOD). Run the AutoLogger.exe file and follow the instructions. Wait for the automatic log collector to finish its job. In the AutoLogger folder (located where you unpacked the archive), a zip archive will appear, containing the collected logs. The filename will be, where is the start date and time of the scan. For example:
If is not available, use a mirror to download the automatic log collector.
Detailed guide to using the automatic log collector:

  • Unpack the AutoLogger archive in a convenient place. Next, run the AutoLogger.exe file.
  • When a window appears warning that automatic collection of logs will now start, click "OK" to continue (clicking "Cancel" will exit the utility without scanning).
  • Disable or pause the operation of your security software if you did not do so before starting the scan. Confirm that you disabled it by clicking OK.
  • After the browser launch notification, browsers (Internet Explorer and your default one) are launched; please minimize them to the tray and do not close them until the end of the scan.
  • If you have an x86-bit system, a window appears prompting you to reboot immediately. The utility automatically resumes after the reboot. After rebooting, disable your security software again and minimize the running browsers to the tray until the scan completes.
  • On completion, a zip archive with the collected logs appears in the AutoLogger folder (located where you unpacked the automatic log collector archive). The archive is named, where is the start date and time of the scan. For example:

3. Create a new topic in the VIRUS INFO section. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Click the Ask question button.
  • Check "My question is not in the database of answers."
  • Click "Continue."
  • In the "Header" field, briefly outline your issue. Do not use the words "SOS", "help", etc. in this field.
  • Describe the problem in more detail in the message field (you can specify what exactly triggered the problem as well).
  • Attach the log file to the message.
  • Add tags and click "Ask question."

4. Wait for the consultants to respond.

I M P O R T A N T !

After removing malware, make sure to delete the previous OS restore points and create new ones!

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