GRYPHON RANSOMWARE -how to decrypt my files

friends i m in real trouble, my all assignment files encrypt yesterday morning and shows following message in text file;
please help me out; m in real trouble....
ive already try avast, n other known decryptor tools, but no success;
my files chang with
============================== GRYPHON RANSOMWARE ==============================

Your documents, photos, databases and other important files have been encrypted
cryptographically strong, without the original key recovery is impossible!
To decrypt your files you need to buy the special software - "GRYPHON DECRYPTER"
Using another tools could corrupt your files, in case of using third party
software we dont give guarantees that full recovery is possible so use it on
your own risk.

If you want to restore files, write us to the e-mail:
In subject line write "encryption" and attach your ID in body of your message
also attach to email 3 crypted files. (files have to be less than 2 MB)

It is in your interest to respond as soon as possible to ensure the restoration
of your files, because we wont keep your decryption keys at our server more than
one week in interest of our security.

Only in case you do not receive a response from the first email address
withit 48 hours, please use this alternative email adress:

Your personal identification number:


============================== GRYPHON RANSOMWARE ==============================

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Also try recovery software which can recover deleted files. ransomware typically works by making encrypted copies of your files and then deleting the original file which gives you a small window to recover some of those deleted files if you havent used your device enough to cause overwrite on HDD.

August 13, 2017

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Hi. Please see this link

August 12, 2017
Fathy alshaby Eng Fathy
• September 12, 2019
My files were encrypted with this extension .dabriyonMolla94. How can I get my files back?
Fathy alshaby Eng Fathy
• September 12, 2019
My files were encrypted with this extension .dabriyonMolla94. How can I get my files back?
• August 16, 2017
Hello. At the moment, you can not decrypt files. The decoder does not exist! Perhaps in the future it will be possible.
aq mh
• August 14, 2017
thanks donkid i have check this site but unable to find resolution of my issue. can u suggest another?

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I think it is very good, in the future I think there will be more improvements, it is the field I study now. 
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January 4, 2020

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