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My computer is affected by
.crypt files. I installed rannohdecryptor provided by kaspersky but it seems kaspersky is joking..
This tool asks for original file to decrypt the affected one.
If somebody have had original file why he will go for decryption .. here kaspersky is making people fool. what an irony !!

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harlan4096: Please, post Your question here:

How to add Kaspersky extension to Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10?

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Good evening guys, I would like to give a suggestion to the Safe Kids app .. I do not know if this is the channel, but it was the only one I found.
Your application could have a feature where, the father makes a "bargaining chip" with the child .. example, he is entitled to 1 hour of Internet per day however, if he behaves well or if taking the bath or , Do not fight with the mother .. do not answer the father, brush the teeth .. anyway ... do some challenge ... it earns +1 hour or a time that the father sets .. the opposite also .. when behaving Bad, parents can remove 1 hour of the time he is entitled .. anyway, do this in a fun way, so that helps to discipline the child. I feel this...
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I recieved large size of crypto folder and want to solve it
please help me
or give me Private Fix 298

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VictorM: Hi, sorry for delayed reply. Private Fix files are only available if you are user of our Kaspersky Lab corporate products (like KES 10) and you have s...

How to dycript a files incrypted by Ransomeware virus "Zepto"

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Nick-UK: Hi there! I think that for the time being it is impossible to decrypt the .zepto infection. You should though keep your files because eventually there...

How often your friends ask you to help them with their PC? 

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harlan4096: Friends and/or sisters/brothers, family in general... sometimes :)
Guía de Configuración de Seguridad Kaspersky 2016

For the Spanish users of the new KasperskyClub portal:

Bueno, pues como los últimos años, aquí os presento mi nueva guía para la versión 2016 (MR0 y MR1).

Este año he intentado ir un paso más allá, y he ampliado bastante el ámbito de temas tratados, espero que os guste.

Estoy abierto, como siempre, a comentarios, críticas, sugerencias, posibles problemas con las configuraciones tratadas, etc.

En fin, nada más, os dejo mi particular regalo de Reyes Magos, y tarea para el fin de semana

Guía Configuración Seguridad Kasperspy 2016.7z2.29MB0 downloads


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