master, Eugene Kaspersky
A Billion in the Cloud

Recently, sharp-eyed users congratulated me with a ‘billion’ items in Kaspersky Security Network. Thank you! Although, I need to explain what that ‘billion’ is.

iDa71fRPJ1_XcPoqKBvL5_X2_00aokL1.jpg?w=270&s=dec982a1718126b517b4e510f28cf2fbA Billion in the Cloud. | Nota Bene: Eugene Kaspersky's Official  


A Brief History of DDoS Attacks

Hi folks,
DDoS attacks – becoming more mainstream by the day. But what can we expect from them in the future? How bad could they get? Well, to get a good idea of the future, it’s always a good idea to look to the past, which is what I will do right here:

ywvTp7YRcTqV5pEJFmsawFsFiR0PcL2I.jpg?w=270&s=c34f69c1eb8af386a127d7a429477994A Brief History of DDoS Attacks. | Nota Bene: Eugene Kaspersky's Official  


The First ‘Cybersecurity World Championship’
MVDs301a4qUgM4IPnBt3WgNCTxAxHK9B.jpg?w=270&s=3782e95ce9dcc9aff95924d20426a7b8The First ‘Cybersecurity World Championship’. | Nota Bene: Eugene Kaspersky's Official  



Hey folks! This is a very good time to launch a new KL Global Fan Club! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and may the Force be with you!

I wish everybody from our fans to be at our NY party last Friday. Because this was something completely different from any other party we ever had. We'll definitely think about it next year to have at least some of you on board.

Meanwhile, here is a quick report from the party. Right off the press!