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Transatlantic Cable Podcast, episode 230 | Kaspersky official blog


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Welcome to episode 230 of the Transatlantic Cable podcast. Ahmed and Jeff are unable to attend the taping this week because of travel commitments. Filling in is the ever-dependable Jag.

To start, we look at an interesting story from down under, where an impending government policy will force social media companies to unmask online trolls. From there, we move on to a story about facial recognition for goats in China (yes, really.)

After that rather unusual bit of news, David chats with David Emm about the recent Kaspersky GReAT APT review. We then look at two stories from the BBC, the first of a cryptocurrency called JRR Token (no relation to JRR Tolkien, according to the creators), the second on proposed legislation in the UK to ban default passwords on smart devices. Smart thinking, I say.

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