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Have you read the ecstatic reviews by lucky club members who were given the unique opportunity to celebrate the club's birthday off the beaten track in Cambodia? Can't find the words to describe how interesting our cultural and entertainment program was, from the hot-air balloon rides and zip-lining to individual masterclasses on cooking traditional dishes from Khmer cuisine!


Do you agree that anyone can make it onto the list of people invited to the next annual celebration? All it takes is a little hard work over the course of a year. We certainly believe it. To let you in on a secret, we're already deliberating over which country to pick for the next celebration, and the number of interesting destinations to choose from would make your head spin!


You asked us to take the level of activity into account in the rating system, which doesn't take a massive amount of work but has benefits for both you and Kaspersky. We've taken your requests on board and...


...we're launching the Kaspersky Brand Ambassadors program!


We know that all club members keep a close eye on developments at their favorite company by reading the news, articles, blog posts, etc. Now you can do more than just keep up to date. First and foremost, you can have an influence on how the brand is perceived on social media by becoming a brand ambassador, and secondly, you can earn rewards for this in the form of clubs in the rating system, and thirdly, once you've collected enough clubs, you can travel on an exciting trip to celebrate the club's next birthday!


What do you need to do? We'll explain under the following headings:


— Aim of the program

— The EveryoneSocial platform and what it does

— How to work with the platform

— How to share posts

— How to participate in the program

— Why it's worth getting involved in the program today

— How many clubs one can get in the rating


Aim of the program 

The aim of the program is to reward club members who want to become brand ambassadors on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Xing) to share news from and about Kaspersky and help create a positive image of the company by doing so.


What's EveryoneSocial?

Content sharing is boosted by the EveryoneSocial website. It's a platform where all the information about a company is gathered in one place: the content written by Kaspersky, pieces published by the media about the company and the industry as a whole, and content posted on social media. Every platform member can instantly see all the latest posts in one place when they open the app. You can also manage the sources supplying information so that publications are displayed conveniently, share information at any time via your own social media accounts, and earn rewards for doing so.


And now let's look at how EveryoneSocial works and how to participate in the program:


How the EveryoneSocial platform works:


Every new user registering on the platform's website needs to connect their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Xing) in the "Your Profile" section. This is the most important step to participate in the program. Each member needs to have an account on at least two but preferably three of these social networks.


Once you've registered, you'll see the following sections in the left menu on the main page:



By default, each member will gain access to a set of streams, which are information channels from various different sources about Kaspersky and cybersecurity in English and Russian, categorized by subject. For example:

— "Industry News" contains all the news articles about what's happening in cybersecurity

— "Competitors News" is a channel which gathers news from competitors and what the media writes about them

— "B2C" is a channel with blog posts from Kaspersky Daily

— "Company News" is a stream which combines publications from all other channels

— "Must Read and Share" is the most important stream with news about Kaspersky. By sharing posts from this stream, members can contribute a great amount of help and have an influence on how the company's brand is positioned.




By clicking Manage Streams in the STREAMS section, you can see which streams have already been created and subscribe or unsubscribe.



This is the section where you can create your own stream to collect posts or tweets from any interesting source. To do so, you need to click the big plus icon in the window that opens and enter your user name or hashtag. For Twitter, you need to enter the keyword or RSS feed.




Here you can view your activity: how many publications you've shared, the size of your audience, and the number of reactions and views you've received — as well as compare this data with the average among all users.



How to share posts

Members can share any publication from the streams via their social media accounts (apart from ones marked with "Internal Use Only") and can add their own comments. To do so, you need to select the publication (e. g. from the "Must Read and Share" stream) and click "Share" below.



On panel that opens, you need to select the social network you'd like to share the publication on, then add comments if you wish in the "Personal Commentary" field. After that, you can choose when you'd like to share the publication: instantly (Share now) or later at a fixed time (Schedule). The post will then appear on your social media account.




The EveryoneSocial platform is available both as a website and a mobile app on Android and iOS, so you can read and share posts at any convenient time, wherever you are!


Why you need to join today

The program is limited to 20 club members. What's more, the inexorable countdown to the club's next birthday is already underway, so the arithmetic is simple: start earlier, get more clubs, increase your chances of being invited on a trip.


How to participate

Club members (that is, those registered at forum.kasperskyclub.ru or kasperskyclub.com), except for the newcomers, can become program participants.

To participate in the program, please apply in this thread. If we receive more than 20 applications, preference will be given to those with more subscribers on the above-listed social networks.

Due to the limited number of places, the activity of program participants will be analyzed at the end of each calendar month. Participants with 10 shares or fewer per calendar month (the threshold may be revised later) are excluded from the program and another club member will be offered their place.



Program performance is determined by summing the number of shares and clicks. Participants can track their results in the Leaderboard section. Each share or click is worth 1 (one) club. Earned clubs are entered into the rating system by the 15th day of the month following the assessment month. Any queries regarding the crediting of clubs can be made within 30 days of updating the club member's rating; after that, the number of clubs credited for the assessment period cannot be recalculated.



Kaspersky reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to terminate the program, to amend these rules, to withhold rewards and to exclude participants from the program in the event of a violation of these rules, cheating (including illegal boosting of shares/clicks) or actions intended to annoy, insult, threaten or harass any other individual.

By participating in the program, you accept the rules unconditionally.


No discussions are permitted in this thread. Messages not related to applications will be deleted. All questions about the program can be asked in this thread.


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