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Collect and exchange points for licenses or souvenirs!


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The Kaspersky Club runs a bonus program to collect and exchange points for licenses or souvenirs. Earn points for your activity in the club, which you can collect and exchange in the store to receive licenses for Kaspersky products and exclusive souvenirs with the company's logo and free delivery!

Who can take part in the bonus program?


Every user registered in the club automatically participates in the bonus program to collect and exchange points for licenses or souvenirs. Still not registered? Then now's the time to create an account!

How many points are awarded for what?



Activity or event for which points are awarded

Number of points awarded

Creating a new topic or blog entry*


Adding a new comment on a topic or writing a new comment on the blog*


Making the club's Top 3 most active members based on the number of new comments posted on topics and in blog comments.

Per week


Per month


Winning a competition or quiz

In accordance with the rules of the given contest or quiz

Participation in the bonus program shared with the Community portal

In accordance with the bonus program's rules

Birthday present**



Review of a souvenir from the club's store or the Lab-Shop

Published in the "Souvenir reviews" section (text + photo)


Published on the club's YouTube channel


Being awarded an honorary title in the club


Participation in an event organized by the club


Significantly helping the club and/or Kaspersky

Decided by the club admin

* In accordance with the list of sections (subsections) where points are awarded for posting comments and topics (see the list below).

** Excluding club members in the Newcomers and Banned groups.

How long does it take for points to be received?


Points for creating a new topic or new blog entry and for posting a new comment in a topic or new blog comment are automatically allocated within two days.

Members who've specified their date of birth in their profiles are automatically allocated birthday points during the month before or after their birthday.

Points for other forms of activity and events are allocated manually by the admin. The time it takes for points awarded manually to be received by members can vary from a few days to a few months. The time frame is generally outlined in the rules (terms and conditions) for the occasion (event, competition, etc.) in question. Information regarding manually awarded points is published in the topic "Receiving points". 

What can points be deducted for?


Points can be withdrawn if a club member violates the forum rules or displays any other destructive behavior.

Activity or event for which points are deducted

Number of points deducted

Warning with record in the Warning Center


Ban (blocked account)


Writing off an outstanding loan

Amount equal to the sum taken out for the loan


Where can I see the number of accumulated points and do they have an expiry date?


The number of points accumulated can be viewed on the store's main page in the "Points" menu.

There's no expiry date on the points awarded and they won't expire even if they aren't used for a long time.

What can you do if you really want a license or souvenir but don't have enough points?


1. Contests and quizzes are constantly being organized in the club, and the winners are awarded points. Check the "Competitions and quizzes" section of the forum. Go on, you can do it!

2. Members of some groups can get interest-free loans of up to 3,000 points to obtain licenses and souvenirs for a period of up to 12 months. The full list of rules for taking out a loan are posted in a topic dedicated to the subject.

3. You can borrow points from another club member. The option of transferring points is not available to members who belong to the Newcomers, Participants or Banned groups.

4. Souvenirs can be purchased not only for points, but for real money as well. All club members are provided with a promotional code for items in the official Kaspersky Lab-Shop merchandise store. The promotional code allows you to receive a discount on an unlimited number of orders. The size of the discount varies for each individual souvenir and can reach up to 20% on a range of items. The terms and conditions for delivery and payment are set by the store. See details in a dedicated topic.

Where can I find more details about the souvenir's specifications?


Detailed reviews of souvenirs, their descriptions, technical specifications, as well as ratings given by club member and more can be found in the "Souvenir reviews" section of the forum. Club members have also filmed video reviews for some of the souvenirs.

You can ask any questions about souvenirs in the relevant forum topic. Other club members will be happy to share the information you're looking for and their experience of using the souvenir.

How can I complete an order and check if it's been placed correctly?


1. Go to the Store's page.

2. Select the license or souvenir you want.

3. On the product page, specify the number of items you wish to order in the "Quantity" field. If you're ordering clothes (t-shirts, jackets, etc.), select the size you want from the available options.

4. Once you've entered the specifications for your item, click "Add to cart". In the window that opens click "Continue shopping" to add more items or "Complete order" to go to the checkout.

5. Once you have everything you need in your shopping cart, double-check you've entered the correct specifications (quantity, size) for your items. If your order includes a license, make sure you've selected the correct country (region) so that you'll be able to activate it there. Make any necessary corrections before proceeding to the next stage (changes to the quantity, removal of unnecessary items from the order, etc.).

6. Click "Complete order" to place the order. Fill out the required fields on the page to complete your order: “Step 1. Information", "Step 2. Delivery", "Step 3. Confirm and pay". Once your order has been paid, the number of points equal to the sum of the completed order will be deducted.

7. After your package is delivered, don't forget to share a review about the souvenirs you've received in the relevant forum topic.

If a mistake was made or something was left out when completing the order, you'll be notified with a personal message once your order is being processed.

Where can I check the status of my order?


You can check the status of your order on the "Orders" page.

How much does delivery cost and which regions and countries can souvenirs be delivered to? Are there any delivery restrictions?


Delivery of packages with souvenirs is free  to all regions and countries except Turkmenistan, where delivery is not possible due to reasons which are beyond our control. Club members will be sent a relevant notification if deliveries cannot be made to other regions or countries.

Due to restrictions imposed by Ukraine shoes and items of clothing cannot be delivered to this country.

Due to legal restrictions which have been imposed, the following list of souvenirs cannot be delivered to countries outside the Russian Federation.

When placing an order for delivery within the Russian Federation, no restrictions apply to the souvenirs on the list.

Souvenirs in an order which cannot be delivered outside the Russian Federation due to the legal restrictions in place (see the list above) can be obtained via customer pickup (see "What are the ways I can receive my order").

Is there a minimum order for delivery?


Souvenirs will only be dispatched if the sum of a completed order amounts to a minimum of 2,000 points excluding discounts and the cost of licenses.

If the delivery cost amounts to more than 20% of the cost for the souvenirs ordered, the club admin reserves the right to refuse to deliver souvenirs to certain regions of the Russian Federation, even if the order meets the minimum required amount for delivery. In this case, the club member may be offered the option of having the package delivered to the nearest town or city where the delivery cost doesn't exceed 20% of the cost for the souvenirs ordered, or may be offered the alternative of a customer pickup (see "What are the ways I can receive my order"). If the club member doesn't agree to one of the alternatives offered, the order will be cancelled completely and points will be returned.

In what cases might a souvenir be replaced or not sent at all?


For technical reasons, the appearance of a souvenir can differ from that of the image provided in the store (due to different suppliers, batches, etc.). In these cases, the type of souvenir which is in stock at the time the order placed will be sent with no prior notice provided.

A souvenir cannot be dispatched if it isn't in stock when the order is placed, even if the status has not been updated and is still displayed in the store. The following options are available in this case:

1. A souvenir may be replaced with a similar one with no prior notice provided.

2. The souvenir ordered may not be dispatched, and the club member will have the points spent on this souvenir returned.

3. The club admin will contact the member to agree on a solution (a replacement for the souvenir, return of the points spent on the souvenir, partial or full cancellation of the order, etc.).

Each of these cases will be resolved by club admin on an individual basis.

If the total sum of a completed order falls short of the minimum amount required for delivery (2,000 points excluding the discount and cost of licenses) because some of the souvenirs ordered cannot be dispatched as they're out of stock, the decision of whether or not the package can be sent will be taken by club admin on an individual basis.

What are the delivery times?


Licenses in the form of activation codes are sent via e-mail and appear in the "Purchases" menu a few minutes after the order has been paid (provided the licenses are available in the store).

It takes time to deliver souvenirs. Packages are sent out in batches, not one by one. The stages to process, confirm, dispatch and deliver orders for souvenirs can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, which is why members are advised to wait patiently until they get that special call from the courier.

When orders are placed with large quantities of items or when a large amount of orders are placed by other club members, club admin reserves the right to prioritize sending other orders first.

What should you do when you receive your order and what if it arrives damaged?


When your order arrives, you need to open your package in front of the courier and film the process of checking its contents. It is prohibited to post a courier service's invoice and (or) order number anywhere (this violates paragraph 25 of the Forum Rules).

If the package contains what has been ordered (the right appearance, quantity, sizes, etc.) and the souvenirs have arrived intact, the order will automatically be considered successfully delivered once the recipient signs the invoice.

If the package doesn't contain the items which were ordered and (or) the souvenirs are damaged, you need to document the relevant details in the invoice, make photos and send all the information to the admin in a personal message with the recorded video documenting the process of unboxing and checking the contents attached. Claims can only be accepted if the full procedure has been observed as specified. Claims to replace damaged souvenirs are resolved by club admin on an individual basis.

Can you pay for an order using the clubs accumulated as part of the rating system for motivating club members?


Clubs accumulated as part of the rating system for motivating club members cannot be used to pay for an order. It is not permitted to convert clubs into points or vice versa.

Final provisions


The club's admin reserves the right to change the rules of the bonus program to collect and exchange points for licenses or souvenirs unilaterally without prior notice. Information regarding changes to the rules of the bonus program are published post factum in the given topic.

Any questions which may arise can be posed in the given topic. If the question is related to personal data, please send a personal message to the admin.

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