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The Content Creator subprogram: rules

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Do you follow news and events from the world of technology and innovation? Are you an avid technology fan and user? Having a lot of thoughts on IT industry but no one to share them with? If this sounds like you, then you're exactly who we're looking for!

You're more than welcome to take part in the Content Creator subprogram.

Essence of the subprogram

The Content Creator subprogram is part of the broader Kaspersky Club Development program and part of the rating system for motivating club members. The aim of the program is to increase the number of publications on the club's forum through regular posting and discussions.

Who can participate?

To take part in the subprogram you should be a club member (i. e. to be registered on kasperskyclub.com or forum.kasperskyclub.ru).

How to participate

Those participating in the subprogram need to regularly publish IT-related posts on the club's forum, which can be news, lifehacks, announcements, reviews of technology or software, etc. Not only do participants need to post material, each post needs to be accompanied by a brief analysis, a reasonable expression of unbiased opinion, and it should also provoke (in the positive sense of the word) other members to engage in a discussion. One way to do this is by posing a simple question ("Would you buy it?", "Do you think this new device is useful?", etc.).

The plan for each post should generally consist of the following stages: a search for interesting content => an introduction summarizing the piece => a full or summarized version of the text => an active hyperlink leading to the source => your personal objective opinion on the published content => a question for club members to discuss or another method to spark discussion => monitoring feedback and keeping the discussion going.

Participants are not allowed to post content without providing an active hyperlink leading to the source or content which contains direct or hidden advertising.

Where and how often should you post

Content must be posted in the relevant sections and topics on the club's forum. If a topic has already been created for the subject of the content, that's where it should be posted. A new topic can be created if there are no suitable subjects.

We recommend posting content at least once every three days.


Those participating in the program earn clubs for each piece posted, which count towards the rating system to motivate club members, or points which are counted in the program for collecting points that can be exchanged for licenses or souvenirs, illustrated in the table below:


Content Creator subprogram

Number of posts
per month

Number of clubs

Number of points

For each post

One-off bonus

For each post

One-off bonus











21 and above





Note — the club's admin has the discretion to increase the set rate for the size of a reward based on the quality of posts, how actively club members discuss the published content, etc.

The member chooses which type of points to receive as a reward. The type of reward can't be changed more than once every three months. Members who have not selected a type of reward are automatically awarded clubs.

In order to receive rewards, members need to send an email within the first ten days of each month to rating@kasperskyclub.ru, containing links to the content they've published over the last month.

Legal terms

Kaspersky Club administration reserves the right to terminate the subprogram at any time with no prior notice, as well as to make changes to the present rules, refuse to reward a participant or exclude a participant from the subprogram should it come to light that the participant has broken these rules, participated unfairly in the subprogram, or has broken the Forum Rules.

By participating in the subprogram, you consent unconditionally to abide by its rules.

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