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The Switch From Plastic to Plastic-free Razors

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Changing our regular lifestyle or taking a leap out from our comfort zone is not at all easy. When it’s about trying something new that’s more difficult. But when something is good for you and the planet then a switch becomes necessary. Eco razor is something that we can switch easily to save our skin and planet. This safety razor is also environmentally friendly and the stainless steel blades will leave you with a clean and close shave.

But do you know how to use Eco razor Safety? Let us discuss few simple steps that will provide the best shaving experience. No offense to the people who already know the steps. The instructions here are basically meant for the ones who are starting the journey in shaving.

The lightweight Eco razor is made of paper so it may be intimating for many while using it at the beginning. Its paper handle makes it lightweight but when folded in a triangular shape, it becomes as sturdy as any other regular plastic razor. Moreover, the razor can be easily used in water. As it has a coating over the paper body so it will not break down even when used in water. Some tips for beginners for using Eco razor:

       Always glide your razor downwards. Never do it both ways as that would leave cuts on your skin.

       Using an organic shaving soap before starting the process is a good idea. It will allow the razor to glide smoothly and at the same time, you will have soft and smooth skin after shaving.

       If proper instructions are followed then after shaving, you won’t have razor bumps, cuts, or dry skin.

After you shave, dispose of the razor carefully. It’s important that razor is disposed of carefully for reducing the harmful impacts on the environment. Once used, make sure to separate the head of the razor from its paper body. The paper body can be directly thrown into the recyclable whereas sent the blades to the metal recycling center. It’s not that you have to rush to the recycling center every time you shave. You can collect all the razor heads in one bottle and once it fills up you can approach the recycling center.

A small switch from plastic to plastic-free razors can actually bring a big difference in our society and most importantly save our planet a bit from plastic accumulations.


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